portrait by Ed Singleton

Sabra Embury is an American artist—born in Jeonju 전주시, South Korea, to a Korean mother & an American father of Irish/English descent. She currently lives & works in Brooklyn, New York.

As an artist, her handmade collages are an ongoing project inspired by & created with a mysterious stack of LIFE magazines, which appeared daily near a Brooklyn F-train station entrance—all in the span of a summer month. Her collages have appeared in various galleries, group shows & publications.

Also a writer & former lit critic, her fiction, interviews & essays have appeared in the New York Times, VICE, the Los Angeles Review of Books & the Believer.

Prior to that she has worked in a variety of trades, including: entertaining kids as a cold-cut sandwich, as a cocktail waitress at the Doubletree, surviving an epic stint in the world of pharmaceuticals, bartending in Southern billiards halls, managing brain injury rehab in Austin, becoming employee of the month at a Hollywood wine shop, & coordinating documentaries for PBS at Columbia University.

She is a devoted mom to both her son, Felix & the barn himself, Barnabas the cat.