Tuesday, September 16, 2014

the reverse zoom

Last night I dreamed I had a small part in a Terrance Malick film. We were filming a picnic scene: basket, blanket, in period piece costumes outside on a lush green field. Two actors (can't remember who) beside me, read their lines from a screen. I nervously rattled off my line between the kinetic dialogue exchange. It was the first take and we got to watch ourselves immediately after the director yelled cut. I was nervous as I watched myself. I looked weird. My lips were incredibly red and thin and my face looked like a pale, powdered pancake. My eyes were lidless slits covered in heavy eyeliner and instead of acting natural, I stuttered, looked into the camera self-consciously, then looked away. I was horrified by my appearance and lack of acting talent. I thought: will anyone else see this the way I do? And then everything phased away in a reverse zoom.


Blazintommyd said...

I Love how you look. Everytime I see a picture of you I think to myself ♥♥ She's got to be my bud :) Self consciousness and confidence. IMHO the best thing to do is just be yourself and you have nothing to worry about. There are tricks to how you present yourself but something has to be there in order for it to have any sort of serious effect on someone chking you out and knowing those things. It's like someone who can play a piano from sheet music and someone that can just play. You have to "know" how to play but some of those people don't "need" the sheet

steve d said...

The nice thing is that your dialogue would more than likely be in voice over. "Why do we turn away from the one 'nuther? When will walk in the sunlight of the spirit? Why do we have to eat?"

This reminded me that you made an appearance in a dream of mine a couple months ago, which is bizarre in and of itself, but you were nice. I think you recommended a good place to buy a sombrero.

Glacial Spain said...

(Ok, late comment.)

That is an interesting and colorful dream. You step back from yourself and observe, sort of like a dream within a dream. You were fearful of the results, but it took courage to look yourself in the eye. That is a fundamental thing that creative people do, right?

The colors seem significant, too, but interpreting the meaning of colors is complicated. White, for example can be good and innocent, or it can be death. You've also got red and black, which creates a lot of contrast.

Good stuff! Thanks for sharing.

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