Sunday, July 8, 2012

critters, critters everywhere

Who knows what got into Barnabas the cat today; he brought not one, but three critters & let them go in the bedroom for us to freak out about & catch. I don't know why he goes through the effort of catching these things if not solely for the bragging rights of a seasoned hunter.

He lets them go to bap them around a bit & always loses them, forcing them to take up residence under the stove (if they're not caught immediately) to scrounge for dried ramen or chocolate chip cookies.'s a picture of the first catch, which the hubs caught by turning his office wastebasket into a dome/net thing, it's a sparrow!

The second catch of the day was not pleasant, at was a giant rat with cancerous looking cauliflower ears and tumors all over its maw. It's pretty sad when you see something like this, praying it's not a mutation -- aka "sign of things to come due to prolonged exposure of malignant chemicals which are probably oozing in a nearby yard."

The third catch was a tiny & very cute mouse, which left me uninspired for yet another photo shoot with the office trash can. Just imagine what a gray mouse the size of a thumb might look like & there you go.

Now Barnabas is retired for the night & last time I checked he was ZZzzing through some logs. Isn't it cute when cats snore?

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