Tuesday, May 1, 2012

working wizards & unstuck logic at bathtime

Felix impressed me today. Like EXTRA impressed me. I won't beat around the bush. Ned on a special mission to Target for Drano (thick beard!) grabbed a new bath toy for our tyke. Since his already existing toys were very yesterday. I'll stop talking like a Valley girl now.

Ned bought Felix a set of letters and numbers that stick to the wall of the tub, water being the adhesive. I marveled at that actually. Thought: wizards, it's tough to get work these days, but behold the marvel of these sticky letters -- it must be!

Then I watched Felix play with the letters, saying: guh. Everything this week is guh. Except the cat, who is: keeeee! 11-month-olds; they know how to keep it simple.

So Felix is trying to figure these new toys out. He picks up a green J--floats it. He picks up a red K--tosses it. Then he peels a letter off the wall, looks at it, grabs another letter floating in his bath...AND STICKS IT ON THE WALL. I found this so amazing (obviously).

This LOGIC. Plain and simple. Deduction. This guh was stuck to the wall -- therefore this guh will stick to the wall -- because they're both guh. There are so many people who can't even operate the simplest mechanisms without detailed instructions, without asking a million questions... Where is what? This goes where? How is that. Who took a huge bite out of my sandwich!? (Oops.)

Is it obvious what I'm trying to get at here? Logic. The ability to rationalize a conclusion by investigation. To test a plausible hypothesis. He unstuck one object and subsequently stuck a similar object in its place! Reasoning. Assessment. Validity!

Am I just being a crazy "my kids a genius" dodo-head parent? If so I can deal with that. I can deal with being the dodo-est-ever-of-them-all! But I was still very impressed today. And that what this post's about.

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