Wednesday, May 30, 2012

so the toy grill says to the undependable screwdriver: why so warped?

I'm proud to say I put a toy grill together today after getting four missing screws in the mail from the manufacturer. Felix fell in love with the same grill at a Mother's Day party in a plush Hollywood mansion, so of course we had to get him one.

To see Felix mesmerized by random objects is a joy I wasn't prepared for. To see his eyes light up and focus on the colors, exploring the textures with his tiny fingers, putting things in his mouth to find out if they're edible or disgusting...his curiosity is inspiring.

And there's a big chance I'm projected my own boredom onto his widespread arsenal of entertainment, but that's another story, if it's not already obvious why I would ever be bored. Thank goodness for ice cold air conditioning--one Brooklyn summer in an airless apartment is all one needs to appreciate that for the rest of eternity.

I'm thinking about investing in a sturdy steel or titanium screwdriver so the tip won't get warped whenever I try to put something together in the future. I don't know anything about tools, but I do know the screwdriver I currently own is from an Ikea tool set and it's a total piece of crap.

The hammer's fine, but a rock from the driveway could put the same nails in the wall. I'm, two seconds away from googling "what is the hardest material a Phillips screwdriver can be made from"...high carbon steel it says--which is better than low carbon steel.

Guess that's going on the ol' Amazon wishlist--along with an International Playthings Flash Beat Drum and Elememosqueeze blocks, which according to the description, are great for learning the alphabet, in the tub, or just to hold and chew wherever.

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steve d said...

You need a box of tools. Go to the Hardware store and spend the thirty or forty dollars on a basic quality tool set. Craftsman or something...maybe even made in America. You need a real screwdriver...a socket set, a wrench...just a basic, 8 box of crayons tool set.

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