Monday, May 21, 2012

knick knacking in La Mesa

It's Monday night and the weekend was fine. We road tripped it to a cute city beside San Diego called La Mesa which hosted us for Ned's appearance at their book festival.

Aside from sipping a delicious Malbec that we found at a local wine bar tasting, and watching Spiderman 3 while crunching Pop chips in a Holiday Inn like rock stars, and trying tiramisu from an Italian place called Tiramisu, good times were found trolling shops for knick knacks and checking out the happenin' coffee place recommended by our eccentric wine guide, Doug.

We finally found (after needing some for a while) a really great set of coasters at a unique shop that held an abundance of Tiffany style lamps, tasseled wall tapestries and Frank Lloyd Wright night lights.

The festival itself was charming, especially when I got to hold a baby chicken my cupped hands while nuzzling a baby goat. I told the farmer handling the animals that the moment was enough to compel me to go temporarily vegan and he just looked at me like: why?

I like being put in my place by elders who've lived twice as long as me. Even if by the well-honed furrow of the brow. He was in overalls and everything. I bet he's killed his own meals like a million times is the thing. In La Mesa. Fresh milk every day.

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