Monday, April 23, 2012

tweet: take a photo of a smiler who doesn't feel the smile. They look like they smell death don't they? It's like your camera sneezed death on them

Supposedly, if you want to put yourself into a better mood, you can trick your real life emotions by stretching your face into a smile, whereby using less muscles to frown, yadda, yadda, but have you ever looked at yourself in a mirror doing that? Hello psychopath. I like to pride myself in thinking that I can elicit actual smiles from even the surliest people when I'm behind a camera. You can say anything from: 1, 2...fartflakes! to: Watch the birdie! And results are often good -- if you're quick. 

Yes, I'm talking about folks who take a century to press GO, and even after that the picture often comes out blurry because they're so nervous about getting it right, or just wobbly all the time, who knows. Smiles can also be borne of reflex or classical conditioning. We as people have been taught that our faces look less severe, warmer when we bear our teeth, though for some reason when animals do that, they're more on the vicious beast tip. More: I will shred you. Less: I am a warm and reasonable creature who is bursting with jolly. We say: Cheese! and instead of salivate, we expose our meat rippers and hope that our souls don't dissolve in a flash that temporarily blinds us. No wonder.

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