Tuesday, August 30, 2011

went to a wedding in Portland

Just got back from Portland. Ned's father's son got married; his cousin--a Vizzini. The ceremony was nice and quick and the reception was right after. Behind the bridesmaids I was the first person in line, which in hindsight is embarrassing, but someone was all: go, go, our table is first! So I went, grabbed a plate (my mother would've chastised me for this) and then one half Asian looking bridesmaid wearing fake green contacts said: um, wait for (such&such: a bridesmaid's name) before you go, please; then an elderly lady behind me said: why isn't this line moving?! And I was kind of in hell for a long single second, and when I sat down with the food, Ned ate it all, which was fine. He was holding Felix who was three months that day and spitting up formula all over the place. He'd mucked my dress pretty profusely, a brand new emerald green silk number from Barney's, and at first it was a catastrophe, standing there with this smootz running down a beautiful scalloped sleeve, but by the end of the day I'd been baptized by my baby's upchuck so much, being erped on was no longer an issue.

Flying with three month-old Felix was a breeze, aside from his shrill annoyance at being made to stay awake past his bedtime at the airport, but he slept a fine deep sleep on the plane both ways, and stayed asleep while we moved him from plane to escalator to car to bed.

It's hard to tell by way of nature, whose personality quirks he's going to have, if it's going to be all or nothing with Ned's neuroses, or my laid back whatever,  but the givens will most likely be high levels of energy and curiosity, a good metabolism, and an obsession with testing and defying mortality.
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