Friday, January 7, 2011

screenplays: the new novel for the evasive drone

19 weeks today, he's the size of an heirloom tomato.

Downloaded a trial version of final draft into my Mac, since the real thing costs a fortune ($249) and I've had no training in writing screenplays. I have two ideas that seem reasonable. Original ideas.

They're both about injured people, or people becoming injured emotionally from their quests for love. One is about furries, the other is an incredibly ironic, chronologically condensed heart-breaker; it almost perfectly coincides with more chaotic aspects of my life...

(with names changed, of course. The furry story is set in NY. The second story is happening now in LA.)

This last year I've watched movies like crazy, studied them, analyzed them, to figure out a basic formula. Watching romantic comedies are the biggest pain-in-the-ass. If I want to watch crap that never happens in real life, surrealist-type movies, mind benders, are far more enjoyable; Naked Lunch for example, but I don't have it in me to take the risk to create something that complicated. Not right now.

Cronenberg, the name alone makes me tense. But also, most surrealist-styled stories revolve around either dreams in sleep, insanity, or junkie meltdowns, and I don't feel like going into any of those places.

Maybe ten years ago when I still popped pills at parties, and guzzled nightcaps hours before bedtime, but ten years ago, those pills were everywhere, and bedtime...was a joke.

I haven't established myself. I'm no one. An incredible, inspiring no one. At least my cat likes me, as long as I keep feeding him on time.

I have a blog, sometimes I write fiction, I never submit my stories to publications. I've never completed a large body of work. It's only lately that I've begun to read longer novels vigorously, like/dislike buttons flaring up like semaphores in a buzz of analysis.

But what are books going to do for me now? Who didn't get some sort of electronic reader in their Christmas stocking this year? Bah, I going to shut up and memorize this before bed.

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