Sunday, January 2, 2011

safety pins & spikes

Ned was invited on facebook to attend a goth party at a venue in Hollywood tonight. He, joking heartily, said, "Wanna go to a goth party?" Whereas I replied, "You know what? I you should. It would be good for you. For an essay or scene or something. I'll do your make-up."

After the unexpected positivity, he was absolutely enthusiastic.

"Yes, I am going to go to this," he said, and when he texted his writing partner, Nick about it, sharing the fact that a mutual friend was hosting the event, Nick responded with a text saying: Ugh, I remember that girl, the worst fuck I've ever had in my life.

I told Ned not to mention Nick's name at the door.

Inspiration for Ned's goth look, I found from an old cache of pics from a 90's party I went to in 2007 with my good friend, Eric Todd.

Eric, a singer-songwriter Indie type, went as a goth creeper with hair gel, spiked sleeves and safety pins secured to the front of his black top that spelled out "kill yourself." He was inspired by the Crow.

Eric plays a mean "King of Carrot Flowers" on guitar 2010
This was before the safety pins that spelled out "kill yourself" '07

I went as a Seattle grunger '07

So Ned removed his glasses, his usual jeans and tee, donned black pants, a black top, a studded belt, and a gray scarf. I applied the same Shiseido mascara I was wearing, thick, a heavy dab of eyeliner, bright red lipstick from Benefit called "flirt alert," a few puffs of pale, white powder; I even arched and darkened his eyebrows, and by the time he was out the door, I have to admit, he looked like a sexy Transylvanian Count. I was impressed with my handy work.

Ned as his goth alter ego "Edison Price" 1/1/11

I stayed at home as not to distract from the project. It's now closing in on 1 am; he left the house before ten, so I can only assume he's having the time of his life. And I can't wait to hear about it.

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