Monday, January 3, 2011

oranges are nothing touching the fresh meat of wild

Barnabas just woke up long enough to watch me peel and eat an orange with the same distain I would display if he pealed and ate a squirrel right in front of me. Psh. What do cats know about vitamin C...


I tried reading George Saunders' CivilWarLand in bad decline in one sitting before I got too distracted by his loopy sentence structure in the first story to get anywhere past it. I decided to sprint through, to get to the end anyway, hoping to absorb and catch what it was all about, by scanning the words with my technical translator mindset. When I got to the finish, I reread with a slower pace from the beginning, and had slightly less trouble trying to understand exactly what was going on.

Most of what's really going on is obvious in its title, I came to realize, with other things, like sentences, thrown in for the sake of the spirit having a body apart from just a head. I read and loved Pastoralia. Saunders seems to have a preoccupation with old-time theme parks.


Braved the rain to watch the Warrior's Way at a $3 theater after simmering a giant pot of spicy golden curry with pork tenderloin, potatoes, onion, peas, carrots, a few fat slivers of jalapeno pepper, and steamed sticky white rice to give the savory concoction a place to sit, steam and look glorious. It's safe to say I've come close to perfecting both green and gold curry. Mother would be proud.

Speaking of mom, I called her today after making the New Year's resolution to call her every Sunday. Last year I must've called her less than ten times total, though I know she called me less times than that.

She's Korean...I don't know. Anyway, I thanked her for the titanium non-stick cook wear she graciously gifted the household for Christmas, as she went into details of how oven safe the pans are, the lightweight convenience of Titanium, and how not to scour any of it with metal scouring pads. I told her I'd take it easy. Then she told me about her great New Year's Eve, while I told her about mine, which was the worst I've ever experienced in my entire life. She gave me a special recipe for champagne in the summer which is a blend of beer and 7-UP. Not Sprite, she said, 7-UP has a bite to it; it's better. I told her I'd try it.

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