Thursday, December 30, 2010

oysters, apes & palm fronds in 2010

I had a nice brunch, then watched the Fighter with Lauren Kate Stanley today. This is a big deal because I met Lauren about six years ago, on the internet; she's lived in Melbourne all her life, and right before Thanksgiving she showed up in LA to explore the US, meet me, spend some money and find adventures.

Six years on the internet, that's a lot of time to build a relationship with another person, if you stay head-to-head on networking sites, keep up with random updates, blogs, hotmail IMs, gmail IMs, letters, letters, letters, video chats, gifts for holidays, you get the picture.

Lauren and I have been through more than a few phases together, and a gauntlet of boyfriends. If the crazy snow allows it, she's off tomorrow to New York, just in time for the new year.

With a dirty santa at the Glendale Galleria 2010

Coincidentally, the place where's she'll be staying only be a block away from the Williamsburg apartment I lived in for all of 2009. Or maybe it's not that much of a coincidence; she's stylish, young, well-read, has great taste in music; in other words: Williamsburg is an oyster calling for its pearl, and if Lauren's not an exquisite gem of a human, I don't know who is. I can't explain what the hell I was doing there.

And now I'm in Silverlake with my long-legged husband and cat, Barnabas, writing this blog after a fun day starting with a "Six Shooter Breakfast" at the Astro Diner, followed by NY winter coat shopping at Nordstrom, to the movie in Glendale and ultimately the Loz Feliz hotel where Lauren and her new boyfriend from San Francisco will spend their last night in LA for a while.

Currently, I'm in bed, trying to keep from freezing to death, a space heater's beside me, Ned's reading Congo, complaining about the fact that he'll never get to meet Michael Crichton because he's dead, and we're discussing the probabilities of apes stealing babies and eating them versus cats smothering them to death in their sleep.

Bon Iver's on Pandora radio. There's a new Entertainment Weekly at my feet with James Franco on the cover, grinning at his chances for an Oscar worthy performance for his role in 127 Hours.

The tomato bisque and cheese puff pastries from Trader Joe's were great, fronds are scattered in the lawn after a few violent gusts of Santa Ana breezes. I need to brush my teeth, crawl a mile on the stationary bike in less than seven minutes, check the room for earwigs, seduce my husband, and finally...go to bed, and prepare for the new year.

I can honestly say I'm ready for 2011. Milan in January, a new home in February(hopefully), a baby in's going to be an adventure.


samuelcooney said...


love that you're updating constantly SE. i'm watching now from Reykjavik.

happy new year.


Sabra Embury said...


It seems as though I have a lot to say these days!

Happy New Year.


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