Monday, December 6, 2010

My Name is Mud: Issue #1 will blow your mind

One of my poems is in the first print issue of My Name Is Mud is out and available to order here.

It features short fiction & poetry from very talented assortment of people including: Kendra Grant Malone, Daniel Bailey , Adam J Maynard, Maurice Burford, TR Deeks, Brandon Scott Gorell, Prathna Lor, Todd Colby, Paige Taggart, Joseph Goosey, & K. Silem Mohammad

Also available is Green, a book of poems by Adam J Maynard

In his first collection of poetry Green, Adam J Maynard is the Grand Marshall of a beautiful parade, swinging the baton as he takes us through a kaleidoscopic realm that is our cultural memory, our obsessions, our emotional uncertainties, our love. This book is dripping with poems that are as lucid as they are baffling. I couldn't help but follow Maynard through the streets of Green, beating my drum in tune to the band, wondering where I was, excited about where I would go.

- Daniel Bailey, author of East Central Indiana and The Drunk Sonnets

Buy them both today!

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Adam J Maynard said...

hey sabra, thanx for posting about mud. I should be getting copies soon and will mail you one. send yr address

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