Friday, December 31, 2010

exquisite corpse--between four

Cubes transparent in a transparent glass with lime squeezed, patience pulped, juice to sip in my dreams before morning, a.m. breakfast, black coffee and boiled eggs without the yolks for a lean machine. Beat yourself and the twinks will follow. Call the doctor, he'll give you a financial reach around so severe you'll feel it in the afternoon -- forget the morning. Live in the now, like a skunk who loves his own smell and frolics about town with confidence, with vigor and love, he can do this. I amazing, I am a rock, I am the eternal fly on the peach, I am licking the fuzz and getting pricked by the wily thorn poison-tipped and lapping me back to the chicken versus egg debate. The thing is, the chicken was cloned and so am I.

During happy hour, it is an injustice to your social realm to lock the bathroom door. There are two urinals and one very sad midget wondering if he is going to have to piss himself or go home because he just can't reach that pinnacle exploring the difference between latex and novocaine. The dentist always hated my guts. She gave me flavored fluoride in unspeakable fact-diet combinations of carob and bubble gum. The castle that stares back at you has welcoming eyes which cab be easily interpreted as evil and uninviting, but evil is inviting, it is up to you to deny its invitation. Are you strong enough?

Being here is beautiful. I have not done this in ages. A drink, a pen, a creative mind...we will see. A red room not unlike a David Lynch movie. Where is this lady from a dream or the voice screeching beside me with gin breath, hot like dragon spit which is why it's important to have a CVS card, to lick your elbow and count to ten and sniff. If it smells putrid, kick the person closest to you in the stomach and run to the corner store for a malt liquor. I am a big fan of malt liquor, but maybe it is not a big fan of me. I assume you are a big fan of me and my belly dancing smoke and mirrors dance, my human cannonball, my clown car charade, and All in the Family was the worst.

I was early for a date which I knew was a bad sign. Every time I've ever been early for anything, I've been punished. I've been depleted, a battle lost, a war waiting a hero. Next time I step to the bar I'll accept the challenge and deny mediocre nature. I am a god, I am a force of nature. I am the ruler of all space, time and dimension the goblin of infinity enjoyed the occasional game of solitaire, backgammon, and strip poker most of all. But the highest compliment I received was the praise of the free whale on its last legs. How will the whale dance now? Take it up the blowhole? 

Penned by Camille Navarro, Dave Silberman, Sabra Embury & Ned Vizzini at Birds in 2010

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