Tuesday, October 6, 2009

we get along

I spoke to Zeke
tonight on the telephone.

We do this every month,
have a three hour talk and
over books and movies and life
then we exchange I love yous
and hang up.

We maintain
our relationship on
with comments on
notes and pictures and
reading each others' status

I have never met
Zeke, nor do I want to,
my best friend for at
least four years now.

He translates
writing; he loves
Vollmann, Updike; he
loves to talk about power,
getting women as a writer,
he talks about Zizek.

He'll probably have three
s by the time he's fifty,
my Scholastic Fantastic.

I told him I met you. How
we've become acquainted
how I'm excited about it.

He said: He just wants your
pussy. I said: Who doesn't.
He said: You're right,
I'm sure he's nice.
I said: Thank you.

And then we talked
about Polanski.

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