Sunday, October 11, 2009

dream about powerlessness

Last night I had the most violent dream to date.

A naked demon with the armor of burned and slick red flesh was chasing a man who was putting up what seemed to be a good fight. Until the man was stuffed through a wall in an upstairs hallway using a heft of velocity from the demon's telekinetic architecture. The man, impaled back first through the white wall, head, feet and arms cramped on one side, his lower back and ass out through the other side, was snugly lodged. From my astral view as an invisible bystander, powerless from both fear and the lack of a physical presence, I stood where I could see from the side by the doorway like the scene was vivisected. I saw the contents of the wall, its wires, spongy insulation, the wooden boards--these material devices did not obscure the man's midsection, about to be broken into several pieces. (Everything I didn't want to happen was going to happen, so I could see what was coming even with my eyes closed, through my hands over my closed eyes turned away.) The scalded red demon began beating the man from behind with a large hard ceramic lamp, shade and all. Thwack, thwack, thwack, repeatedly. When the lamp broke into a large shard, the demon beat the man harder and harder with his sharp weapon as the man screamed and screamed and screamed, as blood gushed from his pulp of a back gored and ground; his backbone was broken everywhere with ceramic all over his guts from behind.

It was a hard time waking up today and getting going.


steve d said...

thankyou for sharing that. really...dreams are fascinating stuff to me.

Glacial Spain said...

Ew. That's pretty gory. Sorry you had to live through that.

Sabra Embury said...

Well, where have you been darling?

Glacial Spain said...

Aha. Yeah, I know - it's like we hardly see each other anymore!

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