Wednesday, September 23, 2009

we high-fived and I walked away

I often wonder what's wrong w/everyone;
knowing they probably think
the same thing about me.
A man was playing a game
on his iPhone at the bar.
When I caught him staring at my ass,
I asked him How are you?
Caught he said, I've been trying
to get past this level on my game
for three hours and it's driving me crazy.
I extended my hand for his phone
which he surrendered to me grinning.
Within a minute I solved his puzzle
and handed the phone back to him.
Going nuts. He said You're a genius!
You're a rocket scientist!
What do you do with that brain?
You must do great things!
I said Nothing really.
I'm not a scientist because I don't care
about space or bombs.
I said I do like to make things.
I like to invent.  I like to write.
I believe you he said,
then we high-fived and I walked away.
I told my ex co-worker Hannah about this
when I sat back down with her Jamesons
and my Maker's in rocks glasses.
I bet you got him to buy our drinks she said.
No Hannah, nothing is free I said.
I think you're some kind of savant.
I'm an idiot.
She said since I haven't seen you in a month,
I forgot what an alien you are.
Would you like to sit
on my upright pez dispenser? I said,
pulling a pez dispenser from my purse,
placing it on the table with our drinks. 
I love you said Hannah.
You and all your nasty candies.


David Erlewine said...

"and all your nasty candies"

you have a real gift at writing. this way you end posts is really what i always try to do in stories, end in such a way that doesn't feel too obviously like you're driving home the key point while doing just that. i love what you write.

and it is very nice to be viewed as a comrade. see ya, d

Sabra Embury said...

David, you really have a way of making a girl's day, darling. Thank you.

David Erlewine said...

It is indeed my pleasure, miss.

Thanks very much for such a kind note and happy Friday. David

David Erlewine said...

Hi Sabra, thanks for your comments on my Flares/This Zine will change your life story. I'm thrilled you took a look at it and commented.

How are you? I hope great. Talk soon, David

Sabra Embury said...

David, I tired to comment on your story but I didn't see a place to put a comment. It took a mad twist, aye? Seinfeld rules. Your brain is interesting. I likes it.

David Erlewine said...

oh yeah! i loves that you loves the seinfeld. this story is my second brush with one of my fave shows. if you get a chance, check out this 300-word piece that takes a seinfeld episode on quite a ride. you are the best. i like how your brain works too.

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