Wednesday, September 23, 2009

we high-fived and I walked away

I often wonder what's wrong w/everyone;
knowing they probably think
the same thing about me.
A man was playing a game
on his iPhone at the bar.
When I caught him staring at my ass,
I asked him How are you?
Caught he said, I've been trying
to get past this level on my game
for three hours and it's driving me crazy.
I extended my hand for his phone
which he surrendered to me grinning.
Within a minute I solved his puzzle
and handed the phone back to him.
Going nuts. He said You're a genius!
You're a rocket scientist!
What do you do with that brain?
You must do great things!
I said Nothing really.
I'm not a scientist because I don't care
about space or bombs.
I said I do like to make things.
I like to invent.  I like to write.
I believe you he said,
then we high-fived and I walked away.
I told my ex co-worker Hannah about this
when I sat back down with her Jamesons
and my Maker's in rocks glasses.
I bet you got him to buy our drinks she said.
No Hannah, nothing is free I said.
I think you're some kind of savant.
I'm an idiot.
She said since I haven't seen you in a month,
I forgot what an alien you are.
Would you like to sit
on my upright pez dispenser? I said,
pulling a pez dispenser from my purse,
placing it on the table with our drinks. 
I love you said Hannah.
You and all your nasty candies.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

me & Travis talk about a dream

 me: Tell me...
 Travis: If we had just smoked a joint, I'd be back in undergrad.
  Coffee and pot was awesome.
  And then it all went away...
7:20 PM le sigh
  But I'll tell you.
  Go. me: Do you ever have recurring dreams where the settings are childhood living spots--rooms or yards you spent a massive amount of time scouring?
 Travis: I have.
  I actually had a really weird dream.
  Set in this gigantic temple.
  And I drew it for my father.
  And it turned out it was the exact floor-plan of my uncle's house.
  Which sort of made sense.
 me: Yes.
7:21 PM That's great!
 Travis: What place recurs in your dreams?
  Let me guess: Under the bleachers.
 me: That and...
7:22 PM Travis: Or: the dumpster behind the Subway.
 me: and that too and...
7:23 PM this house my mom got for us, our first house after the divorce and exodus from California; it was on a cove in an area by projects where I used to play kickball after school after watching the Cosby show.
7:24 PM It had a fenced in back yard, grass in the front. It keeps coming back, the laundry room by the back door leading out to the other door where we kept the push lawn mower
  and the corner where she used to make me raise my arms for an hour if I came in after dark if she had a bad day and felt like taking it out on me...
7:25 PM  we had this pendulum clock
  from Korea. In the dream I heard a tick, tick, tick, tick
  I followed the sound to the wall and the clock was warped, nailed all asymmetrically
 Travis: You are what Joseph Campbell would call a Deep Dreamer.
7:26 PM With the right drugs, you could be a shaman.
  Although they don't have much in the way of retirement.
  I've been having these crazy system dreams lately.
  I'm making a system, but I don't quite understand the components of it.
7:27 PM me: So, I stopped the pendulum and then realized my mother wouldn't be able to tell time. But it kept ticking after it stopped and the time stopped and it kept ticking and everything froze and I realized I was dreaming, woke up and the tick, tick, tick was the ceiling fan above me on Kamby's couch
 Travis: Yeaaah. I know.
 Travis: When the outside gets into the inside.
 me: My subconscious is screwed.
 Travis: Maybe you're cool without the drugs.
 me: Maybe it's too late.
7:28 PM Am I a weirdo?
 Travis: As weird as they come.
 me: But you adore me?
 Travis: You and Gonzo = birds of a feather.
  Even more than I adore Gonzo.
 me: Godzilla
7:29 PM You're a great listener.
  I can tell you've missed me.
 Travis: It's been too long.
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