Monday, August 3, 2009

i adore your schizophrenic expression

this is a compilation of a week's worth of my favorite text messages:

Hard making list. Happy as clam.
Kisses on your clam.

Shoulder squeezes and neck kisses from behind.
Sexy monster style.

I fixed a career, a marriage, a computer
and a motorcycle today.

Yeah, no kidding. I don’t even know you when you have a new boy. So what you’re saying is that you dumped the artiste after he painted you in the sunshine?

Susanna will LOVE you. We’ve got dinner and red wine plans with her Friday night. Exciting!

What’s your shoe size?

Zombie lovings! Thriller-ing!

Ahh the will to live returneth! Coffee,
my mistress, wraps me in her arms.

Hoarde me like a dragon.
Delicious with fire-licked lips.

Get me something to have at the office?
Nothing Elvis!!

Tuck hardbender, pretender of the dong.

Man. Feeling mighty nice.

It has everything to do with ninja Jedi. It’s the same thing but makes you puke because it’s so sweet and cute. Causes cataracts if not viewed with proper eye wear.

Have u both turned into coconut scented puppies?
With ultra violet eyes and poop fruit candy?

Has the awesomeness of your new relationship caused a vortex that has pulled you both into another dimension yet?

The love I have for you was always something I dreamed of when I was a kid. Have a safe and beautiful trip this summer. Talk to you soon.

Work over.
Scooter flying on carebearjoy clouds.

Tiny finch playing in leaves.
Right hand worn out from clicking.
Heal me, lover.

Yoga yoga go go go!
Just closed bank account. Lost faith.

I know a painter man who's going to pee
a little when he lurks those photos.



F said...

One more:

"I'd make it all to easy to forget paint-boy."

Sabra Embury said...

Do we know each other? You and I? Have we ever met?

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