Sunday, July 19, 2009

we went to the beach

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steve d said...

i don't really know you at all old 'keypal'...but i think this photo glimpes into some sort of essence, like, when i was bounding down the stairs the other morning to go get coffee and the ground floor neighbors were brewing a strong, dark, fecund mudslide roast that i could smell from the hallway. it was still distant and closed off, but i got a taste of it nonetheless.

so the lizard looks either completely disinterested or completely in a petted bliss...i can't decide for may have something to do with the language of the disembodied hand sort of just lurching him out there. my guess is he's loving the little head massage, possibly sending ecstatic flashes of pink and purple light all through his beebee sized brain and you awaken his consciousness he glimpses a past life as a bc century japanese farmer with hot tea every night, plentiful wicker and steaming rice, obedient children and a noble wife...

everything seems like a dream when you're suffering and all life is suffering so therefore it's all a ridiculous hoot.

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