Tuesday, June 30, 2009

#2 transcribed from scraps

I told the Athropologie phone operator to cancel a green shirt I ordered after deciding it probably wasn't meant to be. I said there was a good chance it would've offended somebody and they might've put a curse on me giving me weird ticks for life or something. That it might've given someone a seizure, or enraged someone's gentle pit bull in an outfit taking a shit on the sidewalk causing it to birth a hemorrhoid.
She laughed; the phone operator said: that's the first time I've ever heard anything like that. She had depth in her laugh.
Then there was the citicards guy from South Africa sounded like a British robot, even though his facebook picture shows some skinny black kid in t-shirts. I still can't believe he added me. We talked about mongeese being the equivalent of squirrels in the U.S. Is that how it's pronounced? Mongeese.

Last night at a hotel bar we lied and told the waitress wearing a very slinky dress that it was my birthday.

If someone asked me what my opinions were about drugs and people who used them, I would say my opinion's based on what the drugs were, how much I like or disliked the person using them, and how functional or dysfunctional their lives and the lives around them were subsequently affected.
I realize some people are immediately turned off by the idea of drugs, i.e., in terms of youthful experimentation, perception expansion, recreation, escape, self-medication, etc.--because of fear; but to me, regardless of the people's lives that drugs have destroyed, fear is one of the greatest weapons against progress.
I sound like an infomercial for cocaine & LSD. Shipping & Handling Not Included. Don't try drugs if you have an addictive personality and hate your life. Or if you're bored and have more money than you know what to do with. Okay, nevermind...drugs are bad.

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