Tuesday, April 21, 2009

darling, we were a mess

Today I called an eight year
friend from what I knew would
show as an unknown number.

hello? he said

Do you remember when
I was an alcoholic?

half a pause and
---yes, darling,
I remember.

I owe you a hamburger,
or a veggie burger,
or whatever.

You do?

From when you were
n Austin last summer.

Austin?----Oh yes,
you do don't you.

Come to New York and get it.

Well, I am in desperate
need of a vacation, so I just
might take you up on that.

Are you in Houston
right now, teaching
students how to
take tests better?

Yes, actually, that's exactly
what I'm doing, and I really
should get back to it.

And I'm not always here,
I'm just here right now.

I'm at work too, you
know. See why I rarely call
you? If I think hard enough
about what you're doing,
I usually just know.

It's rare that I'm here
doing this, even though
I am doing it all day today.

Hey, I said: Hey.
Who would've thought
all those bullshit experiences
in the past could be harnessed
and become so useful
for us as adults?

Yes, we were a mess
in Jackson, weren't we.

Come to New York
and I'll buy you a burger,
with fries. It's getting pretty
here, the cold air's dissipating
and the Forsythia's sprouting
yellow bursts everywhere
like peeled bananas.

You know, I'll definitely
think about it: he said.

Go teach. Go
teach those kids
how to take tests.

Okay. I will. And hey, you
know you can call me later
tonight if you want to.

Yeah, maybe,
I don't know.
I probably won't
call you tonight.
But have a nice day
at work, and try to
come to see me before
summer gets
too hot,

and I love you a lot
my darling. It was nice
to hear your voice



Anonymous said...

You're way cool, Sabra

G Spain

steve d said...

are you really going to lock yourself away and write something spectacular?

Sabra Embury said...

I hope so, Steve.

And thanks, G.

Ben Brooks said...

This was good to read.

Sabra Embury said...

Thanks, Ben!

ryan manning said...

Houston (pronounced /ˈhjuːstən/) is the fourth-largest city in the United States and the largest city within the state of Texas.

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