Tuesday, December 23, 2008

on the new drunken lady epidemic

This was an interesting article in the latest NY Mag regarding the rising rates of urban binge boozing business babes "a.k.a." hard-working women finding equality through 'not' puking after ten Irish Car Bombs and a twelve pack of Brooklyn Lager.

I read it all the way through, as well as the 53 mostly frustrated comments posted by angry feminists, lushes, prudes, and anyone else trying to throw their two cents around a new species...a rich persona of party babies I call: the Contemporary Boozekitten.

It's funny to me, how this subject makes some girls so defensive--especially the one's who don't (because they can't) stomach whiskey like a champ. What are they so scared of? Why do people take the observations of trends so personally if some written opinions/findings/ideas don't coincide with their own lifestyles?

I respect both men and women who can sip & relax into a nice glass of scotch, a Beefeater martini, or hold steadfast after splitting a bottle of rum. I think I even read somewhere that Socrates could out drink like forty sailors too and still totally philosophize circles around all the wanna-be chumps who didn't even know what questions were!

Face it: it's all a fun composure game. Who cares if who's what or whatever with the boozytime shenanigans, as long as folks don't act like complete stumbling, slobbering imbeciles after one Cosmo, a Pina Colada, three glasses of Pinot, a flippin' thimbleful of cordial, or a flamin' keg of "the ultimate corn sauce grog" on an empty stomach.

But do me a favor: don't make-out with and wake up next to that ugly sonofabitch you found in a corner picking their teeth all: this'll work because you lost your beer goggles--even though they're still glued to your head where you left 'em.

Girls, boys, women, men: Know your limits around strangers; get wasted if you've had a hard day with friends; just try not to get too hella crunk around your boss at the Christmas party, and especially where there's mistletoe around and you haven't touched a warm ass for what feels like centuries.


some girl who lives in brooklyn said...

um agreed. (for MLA purposes the article was in NYMag)

Sabra Embury said...

Thanks. Fixed it.

steve d said...

i can understand the composure contest, but how do you feel about some of the health warnings that the journalist put forth? like the increased risks of heart disease and breast cancer?

Sabra Embury said...

This lady in the thread says it well enough:

This is an important topic, but it's really irresponsible for this writer to bring up the breast cancer statistic. That was one of the most misreported studies of the past decade. The increase reported was a 6 percent increase if you have a drink every single day of your adult life. If 9 percent of women are going to get breast cancer by the time they're 80, and drinking every day increases your chances by 6 percent, that means you've only increased your risk by .5 percent. Which is not an increase worth reporting on. Closing this article out talking about very nascent health issues related to women and alcohol that the medical industry doesn't understand is a scare tactic.

By Elizabeth_277 on 12/09/2008 at 12:03pm

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