Sunday, December 7, 2008

dirty martini

Hanging out
with a handful of
businessmen the other night,
at a bar in Chelsea, as a favor--
for a buddy's friend, I ordered:
a dirty Beefeater martini,
when someone asked me
what I was having--provoking
the head wolf (obviously in
charge) to say, "Whoa,
that's a BIG DRINK for
a little girl like you,"
kind of dramatically to his
other businessmen colleagues,
very nudgingly and winkingly,
& as they howled in unison
from: sexual tension,
intimidation, occupational
hierarchy, boring sexless,
loveless marriages, Viagra
dependent erectile
dysfunction, the full-moon
demi-entendre, in-the-closet
trans-gender porn addictions,
upper thigh & elbow psoriasis
--or probably, maybe
even general nervousness...
I nuclear bombed the world
in my head, & smiled
before taking
my first salty sip.


Sabra Embury said...

I meant for this poem to be in the shape of a turd and I'm feeling pretty smug about it.



I'm Serious.

ryan manning said...

steady cash flow without a real job

Paula Mason said...

Some men believe they should always be interested in sex and ready for it. But the human body doesn't always work that way. A man who has temporarily lost interest in sex - because of personal stress, depression, a relationship issue, or another reason - may not be able to get an erection because he is not aroused enough for it to happen. He also may get an erection but lose it before ejaculation, because he is too preoccupied with other issues.

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