Friday, November 21, 2008

good day

This is my favorite song right now:

I had a good day. Woke up at 10am after wine boozing the boy blues away with Jenny Miller who cried hard when "he" canceled AGAIN with a sorry excuse for a text.

Also: Had a good Vinyasa stretch, went magnet shopping in the Village with funface Zac German, and an accidental sold out Danny Boyle movie on Broadway lead me to the best steak sandwich I've ever had around the corner.

The boys coming in and out of that place--they were practically hitting on us nonstop; you should've seen JM's poor heart's self-esteem get the nicest little belly scratch from an Enrique Iglesias doppleganger of a film-maker.

I mean, it might've just been the sweat, working like some irresistible potion, since only minutes earlier we'd been face-dripping-covered-in-it-all-twisted in a heated room with thirty strangers, but it also might have something to do with the way I felt really beautiful today, because I'm sure boys fall in love with beautiful feeling girls easy, in case the feeling could be contagious.

The cold wasn't as bad as jumping feet-first into a spring-fed pool, as long as you're constantly treading, or walking...and smiling. I think I'll go out in it more often. I hope things are nice for you as well. Nice and light every other hour of heavy.


steve d said...

things are looking up...thanks.

having confidence is certainly attractive, but feeling beautiful, now that's an entirely different realm of self love. congratulations, you should feel that way about yourself. you once wished you could send me a bucket of pteradactyl deserve the best.

like a new cadillac or some good bubble gum, like hubba bubba.

Sabra Embury said...

A nice slice of hubba bubba seems like it would be a good time right now.

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