Thursday, September 4, 2008

candy-coated politics

Satire's like a sugar coating to help the bitter pill go down better; it's chocolate covered malt shit balls. A shit brownie sundae with caramel, low cal whipped topping and a cherry; a shit butterscotch cordial.

Comedy Central gets away with murderous honesty disguised as satire, and has for years.

Remember when Colbert was roasting Bush to his face in front of handfuls of jerkwads, and millions of others eventually later on beautiful internet tv?

When I watched the 'mock tribute' at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, I couldn't believe it; I thought, "Yeeess! This is happening." It was megaballsy.

At the time I was probably feeling hopeless enough to think that kind of honest exposure to the truth, to the world, might help in doing something with this absurd war situation.

This was before Americans became distracted in getting backwards fisted by the economy, trying to walk straight knowing their sphinkters and lumens have been reamed through the spin cycle without even the idea of grapefruit/papaya Astroglide, or a spitty palmed handshake and a sweet Lil Wayne or Mariah Carey tune to help get us in the mood.

Comedy takes the edge off. And this this case, with this vignette on the D.S. I'm surprised the writers aren't assassinated; but this race is so interesting: Palin's trashy fundamental backwoods Christian karma's replaced Angelina & Brad on the tabloids; it's like the biggest soap opera ever with every raunch and punchline.

It's like the new "Britney Spears".

Yeah, McCain's some tired, idiot Vietnam war veteran with
golden connections, a Crypt Keeper rehab Trophy wife, and Palin's bitch slaps bear cubs in their soft spots before they can even think about mauling their first porridge tree, but with the shady way politics has looked for zillions of years...I think he's going to win--albeit very unfairly. Just like last time. Just like Bush,
and his ugly, ugly machine of marionettes.

It's too bad too. I like Obama. He gives good speech.
He seems like he's a nice guy from the time he wakes up too
(even before coffee); like he made straight A's because he studied his material thoroughly (and didn't just memorize it at the last minute), was a male cheerleader or something, volunteered a lot at the old people hospital, saved kittens from trees, and I'm sure he looks pretty good naked.



steve d said...

crypt keeper rehab trohpy you know where i can get one?

did you know the youtube link is no longer available? assassination indeed.

Sabra Embury said...

Aw geez.

Sabra Embury said...


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