Sunday, December 9, 2007

As A Zombie I Would Not Eat Your Brains

If I were a zombie
by another zombie
after it chewed
my brain
and I was dead
but came back
alive again
craving brains
and I saw you
at Central Market
perusing the cheese,
I would not
bite your head,
even if my
greatest instinct
was to eat
your brain
like nothing-else
when I was not yet undead.
I would have
an extra boost
of will power
all bad ass like that,
because I like you,
and I'm sure
your brain
would be the x-tra
tasty kind too,
but still...
I would bite the head
of the guy who
cuts meat instead
and punch the
other zombies
trying to eat you.


Anonymous said...

that's very romantic!
-- a twitter follower

Sabra Embury said...

Thanks stranger!

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