Sunday, December 23, 2007


{In a coffee shop close to campus, Betty and Gertrude are having a conversation about George (Gertrude's brother) dumping Betty in order to pursue his latest fascination for Pamela Anderson types. Betty ordered a mochachino caramel almond nut cherry latte with whipped cream and sprinkles. Gertrude has Earl Grey. Normally, she is pretty easy to get along with; but today, in the coffee shop, Gertrude lost it, punched Betty in the eye and called her a dumb cunt. All at once.

It was violent.}

B: You say that George adores me. I feel he does but when you tell me other things that he says to you (i.e. wanting a blond with big boobs), I'm not sure! :)

G: I adore people, but I am still attracted sexually to people I don't adore. Come on, Betty. Be real. Are we supposed to be sexually attracted to and only want to be with one person we adore? I adore all sorts of people, but I'm not waiting around going, "Why do they want to have sex with so and so, and not just me?" What a waste of time.

George wants to have sex with blondes with big tits for the time being, but he adores you as a person. That's not really that hard to understand. The world is not a basket of cotton candy. It's full of millions of different personalities of everybody being curious sometimes, or not. Some people are curious all the time too.

Just because people aren't like you, that doesn't mean they're bad. They're just different. They do things differently.

Forcing people to change for the sake of your own emotional peace and stability is, on very high levels, selfish desire imploring imperative dictations.

In other words: It's bitchy. I don't know anyone who's into that unless they have some Elektra complex, or shrivel in the bathroom mirror at the sight of their own pathetic face.

*sips tea

Remember these things, or people will laugh at you whenever your expectations are too high and you get crushed by your own blind enthusiasm, for what you want versus what really is.

There will not always be someone around to give you help with the answers. Sometimes you just have to fall and get bruised to get tough and/or wise.

B: I'm confused. So does this mean George does care about me?

G: Betty, you're really stupid and I hate you, like a lot.

B: Do you think George thinks I'm stupid? I mean is that why he...
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