Thursday, October 18, 2007


"Your actions are strongly tied into your emotions today, Sabra, so make sure you remain centered throughout the day. Be careful of sudden whims that might take you off on some tangent direction that will leave you stranded in a back ally somewhere at the end of the day. This doesn't mean, however, that you should turn away any situation that comes up suddenly and unexpectedly. Just make sure that what you put your time and energy towards is something you truly believe in."

I don't know who in the world's writing these horoscopes for me, but I want to be their friend. He or she is obviously a writer/philosopher/intellectual making a living cranking out these daily outline affirmation type guidelines between novels, and I can see that what we have in common is our ability to find jobs which we find interesting and bemusing, for the time being. I can imagine whomever saying to a confidant, "I wrote this great horoscope today about not taking an impending situation too seriously, basically telling the sign of Aquarius to slow down and try to enjoy life despite all the stressors which are pretty friggin inevitable ya know? And I say this in so many which ways, and try to be positive, and keep the cynicism hungry? Let's get some food. How about Thai? Yeaaah. Okay, what was I saying, oh yeah, my job is awesome, nevermind, you know this. So, how'd your tips go? Any twenties thrown your way last night, like the other night? Cool. You're buying today."

We are a scattered bunch, but I recognize one of us when I see you, and it gives me hope enough to give you all the love and support I can muster, even if you never let yourself have the arrogance to understand why. Let's amalgamate shall we? Take whatever you can use from me. I will make more, and give, as long as you are productive, and useful to me in my silly ideals
of progress, revolution and/or revelation.

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