Tuesday, September 18, 2007


some lacked real ambition or skill. some were too idealistic mouths running like noses. some unindependent with too many why's and where's and who's. some unripe, making bitter turns on the tongue in bites, bananas green, bunch plucked prematurely from a branch of apes mouthing O for the sake of it alone.
others speechless without books to quote. others too afraid to cross the street, staring. others would sit in the same spot and moan at the slow death of boredom in their legs without a single attempt of adjusting to a more comfortable position.
she wanted someone who would never cash out and become useless to her. she was tired of cashing people out. she wanted an incongruous consistancy in romantic relationships. she needed to know that she would never again disappoint herself because she was selfish like that and liked to be responsible all the time.
at least most of them had nice penises. good penises. strong penises. some two-toned or foreskinned penises. sex was always best in times inapproprite, times such as 7:42, 9:36, or 11:11. 1/4 times. 16ths. physical times of fundamental qualities. in units.

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Robert said...

Penises are over-rated.
I know this first hand.
First hand and one sock.
They have the tendency to be entirely selfishly, to rob consequence from other activities.
The penis can take food from the mouth.

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