Wednesday, September 19, 2007

i like you all effortless like


I like the way that you're pleasant to be around. You are one of the most pleasant people I know to be around. Around me, when you're near, things are not bad if they seemed almost bad before. Thank you for not being rotted internally or externally and for having a face and voice that makes babies alligators smile and then bite little baby fish who swallowed little babier fish whole before they were bitten. Call me often and I will never say, 'Oh shit, it's Him, I don't feel like talking to that jerk right now, he pisses me off and always has shit spewing from his mouth." I will never say that about you. Unless you transmogrify into some crazy lycanthropic, peeing on corpses you tore apart when you transformed into a wolfman, creature, and even then I will still give you hugs when you feel bad for ripping into throats in an altered state of being. Actually, yes, your face usually has hair on it so it is not that far fetched to imagine you as wolfhuman, eating flesh and having an upset stomach the next day because you normally don't eat meat. I'll give you pepto and draw funny pictures of you in dresses with giant breasts in your beard holding ten tubs of ice cream with policemen in the background doing circus tricks for clowns. We'll frame the pictures and sell them on ebay starting at 99 cents and then at the last minute 25.70 from kittysunset64. We'll sell 82 pictures and make enough money to buy a baby alligator we can share. You can keep it the first two weeks in November and the entire month of your birthday.

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Robert said...

Werewolf unfolds into human boy.
Origami tragedy.

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