Sunday, September 30, 2007

circumnavigate sir cum navigate

"I prefer those things to navigators!" said random septuagenarian across the way, the aisle; through the bulky headphones next to me, 80's boy, watched Cadillac commercials on the television attached to the roof of the plane. The bathroom was cozy; it belonged to me for two whole minutes; it was mine; and its blue hand foam by the sink, mine. In a complimentary magazine, above a bag I used once when I was little, I read an article about an artistic savant jazz pianist-He's only 15!, a new trend in philanthropy-It's better to give!, about the succulent lamb kabobs in Istanbul after the death of Constantinople and the Orient Express providing "luxurious transportation between Paris and the Ottoman Empire." I like the word 'circumnavigate' and 'impressive white edifice adjacent to the ferry dock.' Heybeliada means "Saddlebag Island." Turbulence. I asked for no ice in my water but he "obviously didn't care," said nice lady. Cold water in my mouth makes me uncomfortable when it is not very hot in my immediate surroundings. Understanding the-formation-of-zodiacal-dust-cloud's-orbiting-veil-of-interplanetary-particles-formed-primarily-by-asteroid-collisions-and-debris-from-comets feels nice to try, but the clouds look like cauliflower more than anything today, where albino vegetables do not have pink eyes, according to Webster.


Robert said...

Good words include Cincinnati and marzipan.
Bad words include rife.
When my dad sneezes it sounds like 'rife' if violently yelped.
Circumnavigate is good enough I suppose. It could stand to lose a syllable or two. Or the 'g'.

I'm always right.

Sabra Embury said...

I use semi colons excessively lately. Notice? It's because I just really learned how to. I will have a phase of using semi colons before they become obsolete, like cursive. Sometimes I might use them wrong or excessively because of this. I don't mind if you don't. I think there are many semi colons in my normal everyday speech and I probably use them wrong there too. You are right a lot.

Robert said...

Usually I never notice it's use; I studiously avoid it, but now you've mentioned it I can only see them.

But I don't mind what you do.
In fact, I say bully the semicolon. Abuse it. Roll it in your fingers.
The limits are sharp and that is where I like to balance.

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