Thursday, September 20, 2007


Hey. Like my pearls? Yeah, you in the yellow cardi. You. Mr wicker sunshine. Damn you've got white teeth? Don't you ever drink coffee? Smoke? I know I do. I drink Tab and wine too. My teeth look like corn. Hey. Whatcha drinking? Is that a mojito or something? That's classy. My dress has seagulls and a sunset on it. Do you like the beach? Me too. I love the beach. Hey. Is that your sister behind you? I like her hat. Ask her where she got it. Nice. It looks European. Hey. Who's that lady talking to back there? That guy looks rich. I bet his watch cost a lot. Like thousands of dollars. I bet he smokes cigars. Do you like cigars? Me neither. Hey. I'm bored. You guys wanna play a game? It's called Из окна видно, как хорошо одетые пожилые люди торопясь идут с востока на западуда они идут Они идут на концерт какой концерт концерт классической музыки! What? Oh. Sorry. I meant to say Yatzee. Silly Tourette's. Wanna fuck?

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Robert said...

Why is it only one of the guys got a tray for his drink?
It's like a little table he can carry around.
If I was that Redford type, all together, I would demand a tray.
He probably isn't as confident as he looks.

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